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St. Margarets Road Finglas, Dublin, D11 W088
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ECU Repair

Engine Control Unit repairs are something we do every day at Niko Car Electrician. ECU repairs can be done for a small portion of what a large dealer would charge. We can fix all kinds of ECU issues because we have the diagnostic equipment and expertise. We are experts in automotive electronics with extensive training. A malfunction in the electrical system of your car is indicated when the engine management light (EML), also known as the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL), lights on the dashboard. Some automobiles go into what is referred to as a limp mode or limp home mode. In this failsafe mode, the car’s electronics will revert to their default settings so that it can be driven to a mechanic. Niko Car Electrician is a specialist in all facets of automotive electronics, vehicle maintenance, and diagnostics. We are Ireland’s foremost expert in electrical car repairs and have our headquarters in Dublin. We offer a range of Engine Control Unit services at our store, including ECU testing, ECU reconditioning, and ECU renewal as necessary.

ECU services and ECU repairs

ECU Repairs: We can fix your car’s engine control unit without having to buy a new one. In order to fix your control unit, our ECU professionals may perform an ECU bench test, identify the issue, and provide a diagnosis.

ECU Testing: Main dealers and other auto repair shops frequently bring us ECU repairs because they are unaware of the precise nature of the vehicle’s issue and are unfamiliar with the diagnostic trouble codes. Upon each vehicle’s arrival, we always do a thorough vehicle diagnostic. This guarantees a thorough test of the vehicle’s electronic system. To determine the precise breakdown and ECU repair process needed, an ECU test is performed on the unit itself.

Niko Car Electrician does all ECU repairing of your car at the best possible prices in Dublin.

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