St. Margarets Road Finglas, Dublin, D11 W088
Mon-Fri 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
St. Margarets Road Finglas, Dublin, D11 W088
Mon-Fri 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Programing: NOX, DPF, EGR, FLaps, Adblue

We offer these systems with high-quality services through our highly-qualified repairs, and we guarantee the future 100% complete functionality of these systems. Our DPF service includes the regeneration of vehicles. Additionally, NOX sensors must be removed or replaced, programmed, and AdBlue-DEF and DPF systems must be modified. Other AdBlue, DEF, DPF, EGR, and Intake Manifold Flaps system faults may also occur. We 100% guarantee that after repair, the engine of your vehicle will operate differently. Horsepower will increase, and the amount of diesel used will decrease.

We totally fix all the systems and parts, regardless of complexity, for all of your vehicles. You will also receive online coding and programming for the vehicle’s entire electronic architecture. Additionally, we co-equip various systems in the cars so that your car will make you happy. We perform a thorough diagnostic on the automobile before you buy, which can help you avoid purchasing a defective vehicle and save money.

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All clients may afford our fair and reasonable charges. We provide highly-qualified repairing of the AdBlue, DEF, DPF, and EGR systems for your cars with diesel engines of any model, and we guarantee 100% future full functionality of these systems.

We perform DPF service regeneration, NOX sensor replacement and programming, AdBlue-DEF and DPF system reset and adaption, as well as other AdBlue, DEF, DPF, and EGR system failures. In addition to this, we perform whole repairs of all systems and components, regardless of complexity, as well as online programming and coding of all the vehicle’s electronic modules for all of your cars. You can easily get your car repaired by our expert professionals at reasonable costs.

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